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    In this second level of surfing the surf classes will be focused on the aspect of paddling past the foams and start catching the waves before they break. The student will learn the following skills:

    >> Abilities

    • How to paddle in different ways by beginning to understand the transition of waves in an efficient and safe way 'from the back'. • To understand the 'Code of Surf': priority in the wave, surf ethics, relationship with 'locals', etc. • How to deal confidently and confidently with any situation that may arise. • To position itself properly in the peak to reach the selected wave.


    Let's start doing some basic maneuvers. And make filming out of the water and then analyze the development of the student.

    >> Maneuvers

    • Get to the peak ('line-up'). • Correct use of currents. • Take-off to catch the waves before they break. • Lowering the weight forward. • Bottom turn: well bent and carrying the back hand until touching the water. • Correct positioning on the break. • Coordinated bending and extension movements to accelerate. • Reading the wave to go at all times for the right part of the wave looking for the area with the most curve.
  • MORE

    You will also learn and apply the rules of priority at the peak of the 'Surfer Code' and the technical language on surfing skills and maneuvers.



    • 1 LESSON $. 30.00

    • 4 LESSONS $. 105.00

      2 times a week or
      1 time a week for a month.

    • 8 LESSONS $. 165.00

      2 times a week for a month.

    • NOTE: Valid only for our already established schedules and "One to One" methodology for the first 2-3 classes depending on the student's evolution.


    • 1 LESSON $. 50.00
    • NOTE: Schedule to choose the student and methodology "one to one" (private instructor).


    • Tuesday and Thursday

      06:00 to 07:30 a.m. BOOK NOW
    • Tuesday and Thursday

      04:00 to 05:30 p.m. BOOK NOW
    • Saturdays

      06:00 to 07:30 am BOOK NOW