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    The student will learn to stand on the foam of the wave (once the wave has broken and has become foam).

    >> Abilities

    • The student will learn to select and capture the waves without help. • How to stop and accelerate the surfboard. • The difference between different types of turns. • The most important is "functional posture", which is crucial in the basic stage of learning to surf, which is the key to progression in surfing.


    In this phase we will begin to acquire basic skills in a fun and gentle way, never enter the sea with the strongest waves.

    >> Maneuvers

    • Move the table correctly in the basic position of rest (Prone position) and learn how to handle the table dynamically and functionally. "Balance of fluctuation". • Rowing: Progressive from less to more and allowing you to take the foam / waves only. Understand the acceptance of the energy of the waves and the physical forces that act in this process. • Take Off: Stepping with feet on the board, adapted to each person according to their abilities and biomechanics. • Basic foot position: "functional position" feet in the right place, knees bent, back straight and arms in front of the trunk. • Surfing the foam: Go directly to the shore with the weight well distributed on the board. • Skid skirting: Moving in one direction, to the left or to the right (in front of or behind the wave). • Exercises: basic mobility exercises.


    • 1 LESSON $. 30.00

    • 4 LESSONS $. 105.00

      2 times a week or
      1 time a week for a month.

    • 8 LESSONS $. 165.00

      2 times a week for a month.

    • NOTE: Valid only for our already established schedules and "One to One" methodology for the first 2-3 classes depending on the student's evolution.


    • 1 LESSON $. 50.00
    • NOTE: Schedule to choose the student and methodology "one to one" (private instructor).


    • Monday and Wednesday

      06:00 to 07:30 a.m. BOOK NOW
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday

      04:00 to 05:30 p.m. BOOK NOW
    • Saturdays

      06:00 to 07:30 am BOOK NOW